Growing up in the apparel industry, I had the opportunity to be around a group of extraordinary personalities. These individuals believed in their dreams, jumped first and feared later. They thirsted for something real, lived for what they created, and challenged the status quo; Misfits and professionals working side by side for one common goal. Through all these experiences I discovered who would become my greatest friend and ally, mentor, and hero… my father. Through the years he revealed to me by his actions the importance of believing in yourself, taking risks, and staying curious. He used to say…

“You’ve got to take your shot, when all the chips are on the line don’t leave your future up to others. You have to see what you become, you have to give yourself a chance and make sure you save nothing for the next life.”

TACKMA was formed in the Summer of 2011 based off of this truth. We owe it to ourselves and the world to be who we were created to be, without apology and without regret. We must give ourselves a chance to see what we’re made of and what we can become. The brand is a result of this self-discovery and represents the lifestyle and freedom that comes with it.

We started with a basic offering but our focus from the beginning was to create functional yet current silhouettes with exceptional fabrics. We endeavor to pay attention to the features that matter with a concentration on superior engineering and composition. Today, the brand has grown to include a lifestyle collection that embraces culture and the timeless appeal of high quality products with simplicity in mind.

As we move forward, we honor where we have been, and we are committed to be who we are as a company. In doing so, we push forward to innovate, improve and reinvent our products with the goal of celebrating you as an individual. 


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